Course curriculum

    1. 1 Welcome

    2. 2 Baby Massage Manual Guide

    3. Baby Massage Instructor Training Manual

    4. 3 Golden Rules of Baby Massage

    5. 4 History of Baby Massage

    6. The Golden Rules of Baby Massage Quiz

    7. The History of Baby Massage Quiz

    1. 5 Importance of Touch

    2. 6 Importance of Touch - Physiological

    3. 7 Importance of Touch - Interesting Research

    4. The Importance of Touch Quiz

    5. The Importance of Touch Quiz

    6. The Importance of Touch Quiz

    1. 8 Introduction to the Benefits of Baby Massage

    2. 9 Benefits Associated with Interaction

    3. 10 Benefits Associated with Stimulation

    4. 11 Benefits Associated with Relief

    5. 12 Benefits Associated with Relaxation

    6. 13 Key Benefits of Massage

    7. The Benefits of Baby Massage Quiz

    8. The Benefits of Baby Massage Quiz

    1. 14 The Importance of Anatomy and Physiology

    2. 15 Baby Cues

    3. 16 Reflex Responses

    4. 17 Behavioural States

    5. Anatomy and Physiology Quiz

    6. Anatomy and Physiology Quiz

    7. Anatomy and Physiology Quiz

    1. 18 The Massage Environment

    2. Massage Environment Quiz

    3. Massage Environment Quiz

    1. 19 Class Timings

    2. 20 General Stroke Cautions

    3. 21 Which Oil and Why

    4. 22 Oil Patch Test

    5. 23 Oils to Avoid

    6. 24 Oil Supply

    7. 25 Kit for Classes

    8. 26 5 Week Course Structure

    9. 27 How to Fill a 1 Hr Class

    10. Class Considerations Quiz

    11. Class Considerations Quiz

    12. Class Considerations Quiz

    13. Class Considerations Quiz

About this course

  • £325.00
  • 120 lessons
  • 7 hours of video content

What Could You Earn?

This is the big question.... Can you make your training pay?

There were over 630,000 births in the UK in 2022 and there are 1000's of monthly online searches for Baby Massage & Baby Yoga groups/classes - So you have a HUGE target audience. Typically mums pay around £50 for 5 x 1hr classes and we would suggest you limit group numbers to 8-10. So your training costs could be covered by your first full course!

Reasons to Train with Us

In addition to our unrivalled Curriculum, Accreditations and Recommendations we can help add unbeatable value to your training...

  • Great Savings

    Book the combined Baby Massage and Baby Yoga today and SAVE £150!

  • A Gift to your Parents

    Be able to give each of your class parents a FREE Online Course to support your Face to Face classes - Worth £30 per person.

  • The Complete Baby Massage Book

    Be able to give your parents an amazing 100 page ebook worth £9.99 (that can be branded with your logo if you wish).

  • Earn Extra by Selling Instead

    If you prefer, you can earn extra money by selling these great extras to your parents instead - Become a reseller!

Summer Madness - Save £150...

Enrol on both of our Baby Massage & Baby Yoga Instructor Training Courses Today and get your Baby Yoga course HALF price!


  • Are your courses fully accredited?

    Yes - Hands on Babies has the highest possible accreditations including the Royal College of Midwives, CPD-UK, the CtHA, OfQual and many others

  • Is it a recognised qualification?

    Yes - Hands on Babies courses are recognised nationally and internationally and you will have no problem gaining practice insurance with our qualification should you need it

  • How long does it take to complete the course?

    Because all our courses are self-paced you can begin as soon as you enrol and work through at a rate that suite you. Some students work through everything in a matter of days/weeks others take their time and complete over months.

  • What if I need extra support?

    Just because the training is online - it doesn't mean that you're on your own! You can contact Hands on Babies at anytime if there is anything you are struggling with, or if you would just like a little bit more support. We're happy to take emails, phone calls, or if you prefer we can schedule a live class and we can chat through whatever questions you have "Screen to Screen”.

  • What if I try the online training and feel it's just not for me?

    You can opt to sign up to one of our face to face sessions if you feel like the online option is not for you, simply pay the price difference between face to face and online training.


Here's what some of our students think of us...

“I was a little nervous about the idea of online training, but the experience has been great. Being able to watch the massage stroke videos multiple times until I was totally comfortable with them has really given me great confidence in my ability to deliver great sessions.”

Sara from Manchester

“I looked at lots of online courses before deciding on Hands on Babies – but this one was my preference by far. The fact that the learning was self-paced was fantastic for me. It meant I could dip in and out of the curriculum when I had the time. Perfect for someone who is juggling home schooling and everything else that life can throw at you.”

Kay from London

“After what has been a very difficult time in my life, this training has been such a lovely experience. Not only have I learnt some great new skills that will hopefully help me get back into the job that I love, but it has also built my confidence and made me feel mentally and emotionally stronger as a person. It was just a great experience...”

Sue from Southampton

Here's a few of the organisations that have accredited our courses

Hands on Babies was the first organisation to gain Royal College of Midwives accreditation in 2012 and OfQual accreditation in 2019